Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Great Postcard Swap

I heart mail. 

And I am pretty certain that for the next 50 weeks, we will actually receive some personal mail.

From complete strangers.  But my kids will learn about the United States in a unique and fun way.

The idea is that we will mail 49 Indiana postcards -- one postcard to a designated family in each state.  And hopefully, we will receive that many in return.

We are ready.  Kind of.  We need to write a fact on our postcard or some sort of little note, address the postcards, and stamp them.

Mr. Smackdown and I went to the teacher store today.

I know that I probably could have gotten a lot of our state "education" from the web . . . but I really need to step away from computer.  It takes a lot of time to search for what you want . . . (I have included what I bought down at the bottom of this post--in case you are part of the swap or you want to start your own!)

The map is waiting. One postcard was saved for us. 

Let the Great Postcard Swap begin!

And if you are wondering . . . the reason I also have a world map up is because we are doing a world postcard swap using the website PostCrossings.
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