Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I’m missing the Olympics to bring you this important message. 

I feel nauseous. (It took me forever to figure out the correct spelling of that word that describes my day week.)

Just kidding.  Well, not really.  But that is not why I am choosing to blog instead of watching the Olympics.

I started a new Bible Study today.  Yet another Beth Moore book . . .


Breaking Free

by Beth Moore

I got the Bible from Paperback Swap.  (If you ever sign up, will you list me as your referral?  I get a credit.  Which means I can get a free book.  And I know you want to support my book habit.  The Hottie Hubby will really thank you.  Not!)

Anyway, I was excited to start this study a few weeks back when I regularly did my P90x workout while eating healthy in order to get all of my pregnancy, mothering, and “I got married” weight off. 

But God blessed us with The Surprise!

So when I started this study today, I wondered:

Self, why does God still want you to do this study?  What does He have in store?  It’s not like you are having eating issues right now.  There is a lack of appetite going on here.

I don’t have the answer to the question, but at the end of the lesson, Beth (we are on a first name basis) asked me how I would respond to what God showed me today. 

I said that I would blog about it. 

Of course.  Was that any surprise?

So here are some thoughts and a few things that I highlighted.

  • Isaiah means The Lord Saves.  What a cool name.
  • 2 Chronicles tells us of how mighty Uzziah was, so long as he sought the Lord.  At some point, Uzziah became a little a lot prideful.  Due to his pride, he thought he could walk into the Lord’s temple and take care of business.  Umm.  Wrong.  Duh.  (Actually though – when you become prideful you don’t see the “duh” moments.)  The guy was struck with leprosy and . . . he was anxious to leave the temple.  I’ll bet. 
  • God hates pride because it involved dethroning Him and putting ourselves at the center of our universe. 
  • God’s hatred of pride really expresses His love for us.  Pride slights Him but it destroys us.
  • God does not enjoy humbling us any more than we enjoy being humbled, but pride is so crippling to the believer that He often has little choice.
  • Oh, and think about this.  (Thanks Beth.)  God’s hatred of pride doesn’t mean He wants you to feel bad about yourself.  In fact, putting ourselves down represents another TWISTED form of pride. (Hello . . . anyone a martyr out there?  Guilty!)

I’m going to go an ponder some more. 

What are your thoughts?

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