Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Words That Rhyme with Orange ~ A Review

If only you knew what I was listening to right now. 

I’m not ashamed.  Nope.  It makes me happy.  I thought that only one particular music group could instill happy endorphins.  (You know . . .I have a bit of an affinity for U2.)  

The particular CD that I am listening to sounds NOTHING like U2 . . . but it produces the same effect. It makes me happy.


Words that Rhyme with Orange, Music CD for children

Age Group This Book/Product is for: 2-12 (adults, too!)

Put out by: Ross King of Ross King Music

Price: $12.00

Buy Cd and listen to a sample

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Note: Ross King Music is independent and “self-produced, which means this product in only available online and not in stores.

I heart Words That Rhyme With Orange by Ross King because Ross blogs.  His wife even blogs! 

I like Ross King’s music, plain and simple. (OK. . .  I used his full name because I always get confused on where to put the apostrophe when a word ends with an “s.”) 

But seriously.  I got to “know” Ross before his CD arrived at my house.  His sense of humor comes out in his blog and especially the titles he gives for his various links.  His humor resonates with me. 

I guess you could say, I was partial to the CD before I even got the CD.

But it is like HE WROTE THIS ALBUM FOR ME!  The songs ARE my life.  Check out the titles to the songs and I might add a few comments:

1. Happy to Be Me

2. Juicebox – Just so much fun to sing!

3. If I Wasn't So Cute – Mad at your kid, put this song on!

4. More

5. The Sound of Whining – Who doesn’t have this lovely sound?

6. The Food Trying Song – I can even learn from this song!

7. Lionmonkeybacondonkey

8. Play Outside

9. Don't Do It – Any booger eaters at your house?

10. Afrikiddo Roomp – Get out your instruments and jam with this song!

11. Learning My Alphabet

12. Sleepyhead – Do you have any children who want to stay up late?

13. Naomi's Lullabye

When things are getting tough in our household, this CD relieves the tension.  (Click here and listen to a sample.)

For example, as you all know the Hottie and I just returned home from our anniversary ski trip to Utah.  The transition from marital bliss to family life has been what you might call bumpy or mogul-ish (if there is such a word).  Mr. Smiley was awake 5 times our first night and he didn’t even know we were home!  The second night the dog puked all over our bed—I had just put on fresh sheets, too.  On the way to music class on Monday, Mr. Smiley got car sick and of course I HAD FORGOTTEN TO BRING A CHANGE OF CLOTHES.  (Which just reminds me . . . I forgot to clean out the car . . . 24 hours later.  Nuts.) You couldn’t tell that Mr. Smackdown and Mr. Me-Too had been apart for 4 days – they have been fighting like cats and dogs. 


By dinner time last night, I had just about used up all of my rest and refreshment emotional restraint reserves from being gone and was about to send an avalanche down into my home.  And then . . . I remembered . . .


Buy it.  Ask for it.  Give it to your kid for their next 1/2 birthday.  That is all I have to say.

This delightful post was brought to you as part of my participation with MamaBzz. I was given a copy of the CD for free and I do not have to return it.  You couldn’t make me return it.  I was not paid for this post.  I wrote it with joy!

P.S.  If you visit MamaBzz, you will discover that a giveaway is going on to win a set of Ross Kings CD’s.  I’m all over that!


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