Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling: A Review

I'm thankful that my professional background is education.  Otherwise entering the arena of homeschooling with our 3+ children would have been overwhelming. 
  • Where does one begin?  
  • How do you set up a school room?  
  • What curriculum do you use?  
  • Can I lawfully educate my own child?

There are many resources that you can glean wisdom from as you are trying to decide if the Lord wants you to create your own schoolhouse.  One such resource is Debra Bell's book, The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling printed and given to me by Apologia Press.  (Remember, I've talked about Apologia Press before.)

According to the Apologia website,
Debra Bell's best-selling manual has been revised and updated for a new generation of home educators! This indispensable resource belongs on the shelf of every family taking part in home-based learning. Inside you will find:
  • Six ingredients of a successful homeschool
  • Subject-by-subject guidelines and program recommendations
  • Keys to unlocking your child's learning potential
  • Ten ways to motivate the reluctant learner
  • Creative solutions for burnout, budgeting, and managing your time
This new edition includes a guide to using the Internet and new technology in your home school. You will also get the latest information on teaching middle school and high school courses, including a list of academic contests and competitions. Tips on multilevel teaching and engaging toddlers and a resource guide with up-to-date contact information round out this amazing tool!
Because we are mostly at home these days due to naps and the nature of having young children, I appreciate Bell's book because in many ways . . . she is my current mentor.  I am not around seasoned and "more mature" women who have been at this thing called homeschooling a lot longer than me.   She has gone down the path I desire to take and she provides me with tips, trick, and bargains.  Bell has largly taken a lot of my leg work out of the way and provides fast information.  This is a book that I can use throughout our entire homeschooling career--useful knowledge until my children graduate from The Granola School House.

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I received this product from Apologia Press along with all of the other Crew Mates.  I do not have to return this product nor was I paid for this post.
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