Friday, February 5, 2010

Kinderbach ~ A Review

My poor children have a mom with no musical inclination.  I can’t dance, I can’t sing, and I can’t even clap to the beat.

But I like music.

So any help I can get in the music field is appreciated.

And God helped me out quite a bit this winter.  There was a sale on some guitar  computer lessons, so I purchased that CD-ROM.  And then . . . The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew was given the opportunity to review Kinderbach

What is Kinderbach?

KinderBach is designed to provide an introduction to music using the keyboard or piano. First and foremost, KinderBach's primary goal is to ensure both student and parent have fun with this curriculum. Hundreds of hours of professional video instruction coupled with printed materials in the form of PDF files provide hours of well planned exercises. All student and teaching aids can be constructed from the PDFs

Our initial problem:  we lacked a keyboard.

Problem solved:  Mr. Me-Too’s Mama (grandma) gave him one for Christmas!  It isn’t big and it isn’t a full keyboard, but it worked. 

Christmas 177

We printed out the curriculum booklet from the Kinderbach website and set about learning how to play the keyboard.  We learned about Dodi the donkey and Dodi’s house.  We turned kitchen utensils into musical instruments.  We cut, glued, and colored.  And I think we even learned about meter, or beat, or something like that. 

Christmas 193

new year 007

My boys enjoyed Kinderbach.  They could count on whimsical songs, bright colors, and silly pictures.

We often did a week’s worth of lessons in one sitting.  The lessons are that short and entertaining.  The boys enjoyed accomplishing a whole “unit.”  In a nutshell, this is music at your own pace.

But . . . even after sitting with the boys on every lesson, I’m not sure what we learned.  I still feel musically illiterate other than I know where Dodi lives and how to play a quarter note. 

It’s hard to learn something new – at least for an old gal like me.  And maybe I missed something—I was often entertaining a 1 year old at the same time.  Nevertheless, we had fun.

You can try it out.  Kinderbach offers a 2 week free trial.  If you like it, here is what you can plan on spending– you have three options. 

  • $7.99/month (billed in a 1-time payment of $95.88 – a savings of 60%)
  • $19.99/month (billed monthly)
  • buy a DVD/CD package starting at $40.45

According to the Kinderbach website,

The Year Membership gives access to 6 Levels of entertaining music education for 3 to 7 year old children through about 22 hours of video and interactive coloring pages. Miss Karri introduces preschoolers to the keyboard characters, as well as the Grand Staff clefs. Kids will enjoy playing simple songs, identifying music direction, learning new rhythm notes and their beat value. Level 1 to 6 covers proper hand and finger position for the music scale, as well as staff note reading by pattern for voice, and keyboard.

Find out what the other Homeschool Crew members think of Kinderbach by clicking on the below picture!

Homeschool Crew

I was not paid for this post.  A subscription was given to me from Kinderbach to use for three months to review this product as part of my participation in The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew.

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