Friday, October 2, 2009 Gift Certificate Winner

And the Ebeanstalk $20 gift certificate winner is . . .

Comment #6 -- Sarah, who wrote:

I found the other post you wrote about ebeanstalk... and I learned apparently I truly had no braincells while pregnant -I remember reading about the bus and company (it's AWESOME they don't even have plastic in the packing/shipping!!) but totally didn't pick up on where you got the toy or add it to my toy website list... yes. I'm a dork. I have a true list like this! :-

Congratulations, new little mama!

And . . . two giveaways will begin next week (maybe more if 3 of the companies I contacted regarding the birthday celebration get back with me). But they will have to wait!

I am off on a girls weekend to the Hearts at Home Conference!


Sarah said...


Have fun on your girls weekend away!! Someday I won't be pregnant or nursing during this conf. and actually be able to go! I hope! :-P