Thursday, October 8, 2009

Happy Birthday, Hottie Hubby!

Well, guess whose birthday is today?


Happy Birthday, Hottie Hubby! I am sure you have been prepared with the fact that you would be my focus today. And I am sure you are praying like crazy that no one reads this post!


(In case you missed the last time I posted about Hottie Hubby jumping on the bed--he is jumping on the bed for our children. When we go to a hotel, like when we went to Chicago last month, we jumped on the bed! It's the only time we get to indulge is such a fun and childish pleasure. Shh!!)

I really stand in awe when I consider how long I have known you. I knew of you before your voice changed; laid eyes on you before you reached your full height; was the recipient of your first kiss; held your hand down many streets and up mountains; was one of your first passengers when you got your driver's license; witnessed three of your graduations; watched you learn to snowboard; participated in your dreams; walked down a long isle to enter into covenant with you; traveled the world beside you; recently fulfilled the dream of a experiencing a U2 concert with you; came to know Jesus through you, and bore your children.


(Hottie Hubby, you make me laugh. All of the time!)

And that is only a brief glimpse of our life together. Amazing.

It is an honor. I feel blessed to be your wife and best friend.



Mindy said...

Love it! Isn't marriage wonderful?

Melissa said...

Sweet post there! Happy Birthday!

christina said...

I trust that your Hot One had a lovely birthday...surrounded by yummy whole foods, lively young boys, his loyal dog, and his hottie bride. :) We love you guys - wish we were there to celebrate with you!

Jessica said...

Jodi, you gave me the chills! That was the sweetest post to Hottie Hubby and I'm sure that (minus the pictures) he appreciated it a lot! You are so sweet and thoughtful!

Happy birthday to the Hubby!

Joyful said...

How fun your family is!!
I was hoping he wasn't going to knock the picture down. LOL

God Bless,

Mamma James said...

Happy Belated Birthday to your Hubby from God's James Gang!

That's hilarious that you jump on beds at hotels!!!! Lol!!! We might make that a new trend...sounds like fun!