Thursday, October 15, 2009

We Have 2 New Children

I've been told that I have a radio voice.

I think that this is a compliment.

I call it hypothyroidism and 3 pregnancies. But I do have a deep voice.

I had a chance to use my radio voice today, you know the voice that God gave me. It was 30 seconds of fame. It was great. And it happened in this little building.

I was asked questions and I spoke into a microphone and it was broadcast about 30 minutes later. (We listened to it upon arriving home, huddled around my new mini Dell Inspiron computer that arrived yesterday, but that is an all together different post).

Our local radio station, which you can listen to even if you don't live in my city, is doing 24 Hours of Compassion, a sponsorship drive through Compassion International.

The Hottie Hubbie and I discussed sponsoring a child BUT involving the boys in this process. So rather than randomly picking a child online, I wanted the boys to physically go to the radio station, meet who we were hearing on the radio, and manually search through the stack of children needing to be sponsored.

The idea and prayer was that we would be of ONE mind and choose ONE child. I prayed in faith that God would bring a miracle . . . that Mr. Smackdown and Mr. Me-Too would share the same opinion. I know that miracles do still happen . . . but just not today.

We have two sponsorships. A boy and a girl.

(Mr. Me-Too and Mr. Smackdown proudly display their new brother and sister,
while sitting on Mr. Silva's lap, one of our local radio hosts.)

The boys are pretty excited. They wanted to know about their children. There are promises of pictures, letters, and prayers.

And this is my inciting prayer: God, I want to one day meet our Compassion children.

I wonder . . . is God working in your heart to sponsor a child? Hmmm . . . .


Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

I really like the first picture, the color is great.