Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Nature Friend Magazine

Growing up I had a subscription to a nature magazine that I eagerly anticipated its arrival each month. I would disappear to the couch and devour the colorful pages, only to re-enter family life with a plethora of facts.

So, when I saw that The Old Homeschool Crew was going to be given the chance to review Nature Friend magazine (for free), I was VERY excited! I had been contemplating subscribing the boys to the periodical. The problem with many "children's" magazines is that the content can be . . . . questionable. Not so with Nature Friend magazine that seeks to "encourage children to believe in God as their Creator and to seek out, recognize, and appreciate His handiwork."

Smaller Size

We received two months worth of quality material . . . that was a little bit over my little guys' heads. I thoroughly enjoyed the literary content of the subscription and excellent photography tips, but the articles didn't capture my 3 and 5 year old's attention.

Mr. Smackdown, Mr. Me-Too and I spent several gloriously cosy and restful moments snuggled up in bed finding hidden pictures, discussing the animals and insects photographed within, and me sharing bits and pieces of the factual content. During Mr. Smackdown's afternoon kindergarten session, he attempted to draw a bear for the upcoming month's How-To-Draw contest.

The magazine created a greater awareness of God's creation in our daily life. We actively sought to capture God's nature moments, like He had sent us a postcard through birds, bugs, trees, and flowers. For example, we took time to notice the Preying Mantis that was spying the yard from our sand box and . . .


and the cicada my mom found near her back door . . .


The magazine can be purchased ($36/year) with a study guide enclosed ($2 extra). I like that the guide isn't sent separate from the magazine--I can't lose it and no extra packaging! I noticed that there are plenty of opportunities for subscribers to enter artwork, poems, photographs, and articles.

If I had older children that enjoyed detail drawing, reflecting upon nature, solving mind games, and taking photographs then I would be asking for a subscription for this magazine for Christmas. In a few years, I could see us using Nature Friend magazine as part of our core curriculum or a supplement. However, presently my boys aren't ready for the content level.

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Kari @ p.s. love.love. said...

Oooh, going to look into this! Thanks.

Mamma James said...

Very cool!!! So glad you shared this! We have been considered subscribing to a few things too, but like you said...the content isn't just right. I didn't know this magazine existed, so I am thrilled to hear about it and will be checking it out very, very soon!!!