Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Making Poop Fun

Yes, I may have gone over the edge. But I am having fun so much fun with Mr. Smiley’s new diapers.

I love cloth diapering. Not only is it cheaper, but it makes me feel good to know that I’m not contributing to the landfills. (Well, I did for about one two months. I really don’t even want to think about how much money we spent on disposable diapers and how heavy our trash was as a result.) If I were pregnant, which I am not, the stench of Mr. Smiley’s disposable diapers would have kept me close to the porcelain god potty, a helper in times of sickness.

Julie, from Earth Angels Diaper Company, rescued me a few weeks back. Because she spent so much time responding to all my questions and offering really helpful solutions, I became a bit loyal. Maybe this is why I like dogs so much.

I just bought more diapers from her and they arrived today.

I am going to talk about her a lot.

Because when I like something, I have a tendency to let EVERYONE know and I try and persuade you to be like me. Not to mention, truth be told, that when you buy something from Julie, I also can earn some cloth diapering money. Yet, without this incentive, I still was going to make you look at my new cloth diapers.

I have cloth diapered for 5+ years. In those 5+ years, so much has changed. I mainly have used Chinese prefolds with a wool or Bummis Whisper Wrap cover. I even sold Fuzzi Bunz cloth diapers for a few years, but the company has changed their business model and the old version, at least, doesn't work on my heavy wetter (like you wanted to know that).

Thanks to Julie at Earth Angels Diaper Company, I am entering a whole new glorious era of cloth diapering.

Julie has this cool deal where you actually get to “try” diapers out. If you don’t like them, you can send them back in a month.

Crazy, I know.

Here are my diapers . . . minus Mr. Smiley’s XL Green Acre Design Diaper. He wore it today. You really don’t want to see a picture of it right now.

pumpkin patch, awana 066

How's it work?
You pay one fee ($54.95), essentially buying three diapers, and you keep them to try for 1 month (30 days). You add them to your diaper rotation for 4 weeks and let your babe test drive them! After 4 weeks you send them back or if you like them you keep them.

What if I want to keep one or all of them?
For each diaper you like and keep you will be issued a refund of $5.00, plus you will receive a $5.00 Voucher to use towards your next order!

The diapers I bought are the GAD, like I said, and a DryBee’s Fleece Nighttime diaper, which he has on right now as he sleeps, with a SuperDo Insert for (you guessed it) HeavyWetters and Overnight, and a Thirsties Pocket AIO (all in one).

I’m glad that I don’t have to wear diapers. Should Jesus tarry, I may one day find my bum cloaked in a diaper. But you better bet that it won’t be a Depends disposable diaper. It will probably be a Green Acre Design diaper for grownups.

Have I gone too far? I am sure that when Hottie Husband reads this post he is going to ROLL his eyes and slap the side of his head.

Visit Julie and tell her that I sent you. Ask her a question. It’s not like she is busy . . . she only has twins!


momof3munchkins said...

I think Julie is great too! Did you get a GAD with the organic cotton velour? Those are sooooo soft!! We love ours, hope you do too!

Sarah said...

thanks for all this info! I've been wondering what to do about overnights w/ A... I'm sick of washing everything almost every night! (I've even thought about disposables just for at night or even not letting him drink anything for the last few hrs of the day!) :-O I will definitely be asking Julie some questions! :-) (Actually I JUST did!) So glad I have hope now of help for him! THANKS!!!

Julie said...

A mama can never be too busy to talk about cloth diapers!