Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday, Dad!

There are moments in life that you wish you had a rewind button.

Such as yesterday.

"Happy Birthday, Dad!"


"My birthday was yesterday."

"Noooo. You're pulling my leg. It's today."

"No, I'm serious. It was yesterday."

Gulp. I felt so stupid. I cried after we hung up the phone. Idiot!

(Ummmm . . . daughter, your son is naked and sitting on me. He's not going to pee on me is he?")

Outlook Calendar you failed to beep at me! Technology you let me down. I trust you to help me manage and remind me of all the important events of the people I love and care about.

(OK . . . this isn't so bad. Hurry up and take the picture.)

For 30+ years I have wished my dad Happy Birthday on the correct day. And I missed it.

Happy Belated Birthday, Dad. I really do love you. I'm glad we get to celebrate over some yummy food tonight. I have greatly enjoyed all of our meaningful conversations and fellowship the past few months. Thanks for teaching me about the joy of working with my children in the yard; how to maintain character in the midst of adversity; taking me on car rides involving Dairy Queen; instructing me on the proper way to wash and wax a car; how to culminate the perfect vacation by petting my dog when I get home; demonstrating the reward of hard work; instilling in me a love of nature, hiking, and taking a good picture; and sharing relaxing moments in front of a peaceful lake.


momof3munchkins said...

A day late isn't too bad! Here's a story to make you feel better about it: A few years ago on my birthday I didn't see/talk to my dad, so he missed saying anything to me on my birthday. The next day he said to my husband (they work together) "Sorry I forgot yesterday, happy anniversary!" He felt pretty bad when hubby reminded him it was my birthday, not our anniversary. (It was during an insanely busy time when we were starting up our business, so I forgave him:))

christina said...

Thanks be to God that our love for one another isn't judged on just one day of the year! :) Your words honor your dad in such a lovely way...I pray my kids speak so highly of me someday. So thankful you'll be able to celebrate your dad tonight! When are you coming to visit me?