Monday, July 12, 2010

B90x Check-In

Bible in 90 Days- join in July 2010

The Bible in 90 days . . . B90x.  The Hottie and I have slightly changed the name, as some of you already know.  B90 reminded us  so much of the pre-pregnancy let’s prepare for the ski-trip days of  P90x, that we had to add the “x” because it just didn’t sound right not to. 

X for Extreme.  Lots of training in 90 days. 

What have I learned?  What has God revealed to me?  What is God doing?  (This are always the questions that I ask other people.)

I think that perhaps the entire reason I felt a strong conviction to start and complete B90x was so that I stayed in the Word during this insanely busy time in our lives.  I also felt God wanted me to prepare my heart before Sweet Pea was born.

So, what have I learned . . . not so much learned . . . but I have had fun asking questions or coming up with random thoughts.

  • I imagine that the earth was like a  big water balloon before dry ground appeared.  (Genesis 1:6-10)
  • I wonder what Cain’s mark looked like on his forehead.  Perhaps it was hideously scary so that no one even thought to kill Cain. (Genesis 4:15)
  • Cain’s wife must have been his sister. (Genesis 4:17)
  • The account of the Nephilim produced a great discussion between the Hottie and I.  Man, did those dudes really mess with mankind.  (Genesis 6)
  • Did fresh water fish survive since lakes mixed with the ocean?
  • When the Tower of Babel was built, I think they used brick over stone, because then the people could claim that they made all of the materials to construct this skyscraper.  (Genesis 11)
  • Sarai was blessed to be beautiful when she was old.  It rather irks me that twice Abram failed to show a little bit more chivalry and backbone to claim his wife as his wife. 
  • I wonder what Abraham and his gang thought when God established circumcision.  Do you think they coughed a bit and asked God to define this practice?  (Genesis 17)
  • Were Lot’s daughters so naive about the world, that they didn’t realize men still existed?  Did they think the entire earth turned to salt?  And that their dad was the only male left to give them children?  (Genesis 19:130-36)  Yikes.
  • Wahoo!  A breastfed baby!  (Genesis 21:8)
  • Does anyone like the name Keturah?  Just asking.  No reason.
  • What kind of kiss did Jacob give Rachel?  (Genesis 29:11) and would that have seemed a little unusual to have a complete stranger kiss you and then begin weeping?
  • OK . . . I’m going to be honest.  I’m impressed that Jacob still slept with Leah, since he seemed to despise her.  She certainly had her fair share of children.  Just stating the obvious and dealing with a fact of life here, people.
  • It is pretty amazing the fast track Joseph took . . . from prison to the palace in 30 seconds.  (Genesis 41:37-41)
  • What about the name Serah?  How would you pronounce it?  Just wondering.
  • I love the verse Genesis 49:20.
  • Yippee for midwives!  (Exodus 1)
  • I love that God could have done the whole Exodus thing by Himself and made it easy . . . but He wanted to involve a common man in His plan.  Anything is possible.
  • I think Pharaoh has some unresolved childhood issues.
  • Jethro and Moses seem to have a REALLY good relationship for being in-laws. But why should I be surprised?  I listen to my MIL and DIL.  They are wise and godly.  (Exodus 18)
  • At first I got confused because it said that Moses and God spoke face to face. (Exodus 33:11) Later we read that God states that no one may see His face and live.  (Exodus 33:20)  Sounds like a contradiction . . . but it's not.  We have telephones, right?  It is easy for us to imagine talking with God because we talk to people every day without seeing them, whether on the phone, email, twitter, facebook, etc.  God had to have people understand that Moses talked to Him one on one . . . kind of like telephone or how people talked before the telephone came along . . . face to face.

Well, that’s all I have to say about that.  This doesn’t even begin to dip into all of the scribbles I wrote in my Bible, but it gives you an idea of the conversations that I had with the Lord.

I need to go finish today’s reading. 

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