Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Beautiful SCOBY

I have never been so proud of something coming out of my kitchen as what I discovered last night.

You might laugh at me.  You might think I am slightly odd.

But God chose to use my latest kombucha fermentation for His glory.  She is a beauty.

July life 024

This particular SCOBY is thick, off-white, perfectly round, no defects or holes.  Something that would be sell-able. 

I’ve never produced one this nice. 

The last baby to come out of my fermenting was dark and lumpy. Let me show you the difference.

 July life 025

And for a change of pace, I added some cherry juice to the kombucha per Mr. Smackdown’s request and with some help from Beverly of  Hidden Pond Farm

July life 026

So, now I have three SCOBYs.  Anybody need one?

To make kombucha, visit this post that contains instructions.

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