Monday, July 19, 2010

Goodbye Dryer

Tonight we are saying goodbye to the very first appliance that we bought as a married couple.

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Somebody else wants our piece of junk.  We just want it hauled away.  I’m sure the boys will love every minute of the departure moment after dinner. 

Like anything with the Hottie, the replacement of our dryer was every bit of a(n) saga adventure (mainly because of my laziness) and a learning experience. 

Yet another reason why I love this man. 

He taught me to use Craig’s List.  So far we have bought and sold multiple things on this great list of everyone’s junk treasures.  Including the dryer that we will only be using for two weeks.

For the past, oh, two months we have been listening and falling asleep to the sound of screeching eels coming from the general direction of our laundry room.  The cause of this horrendous sound that has also been guilty of putting holes in our clothes was a loose bearing and some other issues.  In short, the cost to repair this seven year old dryer was approximately $150. 

Hmmm . . . no.

Enter Craig’s List.

We found a toddler aged dryer for $40 . . . that actually contained a small green gift that had seen many drying cycles in its day. 

So let me amend that . . . we found a dryer for $20.  It works and most importantly, it is quiet.

The boys still can’t figure out how the dryer managed to climb up our stairs while they were sleeping.  The old dryer is mysteriously resting in our garage waiting for its new home. 

I know how it happened.  It was due to yet another adventure with my Hottie.  I am married to a brawny man. 

I am sure that Princess Buttercup appreciates that – the noise being gone, that is. 

And the newly married couple moving into our house.  I wonder if it will be a magic moment for them when they do their first load of clothes in their brand new house?  If only they knew the story attached to their dryer. 

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