Thursday, July 29, 2010

Don’t Forget To Enter

Just wanted to send you a little reminder that several of my giveaways end tomorrow . . . but you won’t find out the winner until NEXT week.  (Scroll down to see the list.)

(Here’s a pretty picture to ease the shock.)

moon and beyond 022

You see, I will be without internet until Wednesday due to moving to the new house.


moon and beyond 024 (I just have to share some pictures of what is growing in our garden before this house is no longer ours in a few hours. I know, I am being dramatic.  But I’ve never sold a house.  Never sold something of my own where so many memories were created and time invested and a baby was born.)

moon and beyond 025

So if you do hear from me . . . it is because I snuck out to Starbucks or I pre-posted. 

work boxes 011(I really hope my sugar pumpkin turns orange in the next few days.  I so wanted to make a pumpkin pie or some moist muffins.)

Goodbye swing set.

work boxes 010

Thanks for all the adventure, pirate escapades, picnics, and cruises.   I hope a cousin of yours joins our new backyard someday soon.

Goodbye rain garden.  You outperformed our expectations this year!  (This is what it used to look like.)

work boxes 009

work boxes 007


work boxes 005 

And for the list of giveaways that end tomorrow at midnight:

See ya next week at the new house! 

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