Thursday, July 8, 2010

Let’s Celebrate! Upcoming Giveaway by CSN

Well . . . tomorrow I just might have some pictures to show you of our new house, Lord willing.  We get to have our turn at inspecting someone else's house

Do you think it is OK to take my camera?  I only want to so that I can remember room details, start mentally decorating, make a wish list, and create a plan/map for moving day (so it runs efficiently).

I pretty excited.  The downstairs bathroom is pretty cool.  I like unusual sinks.  That is probably what sold me on our current house, the one I am blogging in presently.  Forget the great backyard, give me a nice bathroom vanity.  That’s what I say. Not really.

But I do appreciate a good sink.  For example, we saw a bathroom vanity similar to this one when we stayed up in Chicago for the U2 concert. 

So, to celebrate let’s have a giveaway.  It’s a great little deal.  I’m going to get a promotional code good for $25 and YOU are going to get a promotional code for $25 valid at any one of over 200 CSN stores.

Sweet deal!  Great way to celebrate, don’t ya think?

Stay tuned for the CSN giveaway at

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