Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Last Party: Sir Honey Is 4

Lord willing, what we have referred to as “the last party” in our house went out with a bang. 

Honey's 4th Birthday 064

Literally.  (Thanks, Nicole!)

Honey's 4th Birthday 067

Sir Honey turned 4 on the 4th this year.  (Well, he always has a birthday on the 4th of July.) 

Honey's 4th Birthday 002

We didn’t do a party for Smiley this year. . . and after the fact it just felt . . . wrong.  Something was missing. 

Like the cakes that Hottie creates for his sons. 

Honey's 4th Birthday 056

Yes, Hottie Hubby makes the birthday cakes in our family. (Except mine.  I don’t ever get a special engineering feat cake.)

Honey's 4th Birthday 052 

I like to look at our children’s birthday parties kind of like when King David walked through the streets praising God (2 Samuel 6).  We have the large party to do a very similar thing (minus the dancing), praise the Lord for the miracle of our children (remember – we weren’t supposed to HAVE biological children) and to make them feel extra special one day out of the year. 

It is a great opportunity to live life with not only our family but our home fellowship (Bible study group). 

Honey's 4th Birthday 026

On the day of the party, Mr. Smackdown was what you might say, slightly excited, even though it wasn’t his own party.  I asked him why he liked our parties.  His reply,

“When you don’t see your friends very often, it is just really good to spend time with them.”

I said, “Do the parties make you feel special?”

“Oh yea, really special.”

It’s worth it then.  That is the goal we have in mind for them -- and for us to have the opportunity to thank God plus bless our family and friends.  Now don’t go thinking our children are the center of our universe.  They aren’t, the Lord is.  But it is a great reason to host a party in honor of someone God has created and is still finishing a work in (Philippians 1:6).

And so . . . we had a party. 

Sir Honey, I am so thankful that God made you.  What do I love about you?

  • you are a good snugger
  • how you always say, “riiiiiiiiightttt?”
  • the stories you tell about your imaginary friend, Jack
  • the kisses you give Sweet Pea via my belly
  • how adventurous you are on your bike
  • your love of dark chocolate
  • the delight you have over simple things
  • how you remind me to slow down and enjoy things
  • your passion
  • the way that I can see how God will use your personality for big Kingdom things

Happy Birthday, my precious boy. 

And to the last party . . . it was great. 

You’ve been a good house.  Thanks for providing so well, Lord.  And thanks for the temporary swing set, God.

Honey's 4th Birthday 077

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