Monday, July 19, 2010

B90x Check-In

image I’m here.  I’m still reading. 

And I am glad that I have some accountability because I think that I would have fallen off of the wagon, had I not known that a blog post was due from me today.

Not that I am being paid or will be punished for not blogging about B90x . . . but I agreed to it over at Mom’s Toolbox

A promise is a promise.

One of my friends asked us to pray for her since we were going to be plowing through Numbers and Leviticus.  Being high and mighty, my prideful heart said (internally), “What’s the big deal?  All of God’s word is glorious.”

Guess who felt like they were in quick sand desperately trying to stay afloat and on schedule as I stumbled through Leviticus and tried not to skip words?

You got that right.  Me.

Please forgive me, Renee.  I should have been the one to ask for prayer.

I still have to finish Day 14 and 15 tonight . . . but I will do it. 

A promise is a promise.  And I know that God called me to this challenge for such a time as this.  A time of preparation.  A time to find our baby’s name!

So, no list of questions for you this week . . . the kiddos are down from their rest time.  And a promise is a promise.

Head on over to Mom’s Toolbox to check-in!

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