Tuesday, July 6, 2010

EcoKids Play Dough Giveaway

Homemade play dough is something I always intend to make, but never get accomplished.  I bought all of the ingredients for it over a year ago. 

I still haven’t made a new batch.

So play dough is something my kids don’t get to play with a lot, unless Sarah makes it for us or I have an urge to get out a bunch of cream of tartar. 

Until recently.

ecomom 002

Enter EcoMom, an online store that features Eco-friendly Baby Products.  I’ve decided to become a little picky about the products that I review and then share with you.  What I sample at home has to be a book or something that is sustainable, non-toxic, considered green, holistic, or organic.  It has to be something that I “think” I would want to give as a gift or use with my own family. 

ecomom 001

For starters, the CEO and Co-Founder of EcoMom has a great name . . . Jody.  Now I have issues with how he spells his name, but I appreciate his vision and heart for launching EcoMom.   He gave me an awesome opportunity to review one of their top-selling products, Eco Kids Play Dough and offer you the opportunity to WIN a $15 gift certificate plus free shipping.  And for those of you who don’t win, you can use the discount code (now) SBBL432 over at EcoMom until July 30, 2010 for 15% off.

Plain and simple, I let the kids review this product. 

ecomom 003(It seemed a shame to take the play dough out of its container!) 

I told them that this was a gift from EcoMom to them . . . and I wanted their opinion on it.  I would then share about our experience on THE BLOG.   

This was Mr. Smiley’s first time to experience this squishy texture that you can manipulate with your hands but not eat.

ecomom 004

Once he learned that he wasn’t allowed to eat this good smelling stuff, he spent about an hour (seriously) exploring this new medium.

ecomom 007

He discovered that you could stick things in it.

ecomom 008Cut it.

ecomom 013Make a lobster or crab.

ecomom 014And enjoy the containers.

ecomom 016

Now his brothers . . . they told me to NEVER buy the stinky stuff at the store again.  Not only was that other stuff gross, but it smelled and was too crumbly.

ecomom 022

Humph . . . they chose the good “green” stuff.  Yahoo!  Pat on the back to me.  I’m excited to see that they can appreciate and lean more towards products that are good and safe for them.     

 ecomom 024

Thumbs up from Granola Mom . . . and as you can see, the boys heart this stuff.

ecomom 025(A burrito.)

Want a chance to win a gift certificate to EcoMom for $15 plus free shipping?

How to Enter (and yes my friends and family can enter . . . I use www.random.org to pick the winner . . . and you aren't friends with Mr. Random.  No one is. So enter to win ON MY BLOG NOT through a FACEBOOK COMMENT.)

When you leave a comment, make sure you are signed into DISQUE or you LEAVE your email address.  I have had so many people NEVER email me back . . . and lost their prize. 

Mandatory:  Click on the following link and sign up to receive the EcoMom newsletter.

Optional Entries (meaning write a new and separate comment for each)

  1. Become a fan of my blog (look over on the right sidebar) and tell me that you are or already were.  A little avatar will show up when you follow me through Google Connect.
  2. Subscribe to the Granola Mom 4 God Feedburner – meaning you will get me in your in-box! 
  3. Visit EcoMom and tell me what you would purchase with your $15 gift certificate.
  4. Follow EcoMomCEO on Twitter.
  5. Become a fan of EcoMom on Facebook and let me know.
  6. Purchase something from EcoMom and receive 15% off using the discount code SBBL432. (Counts as 5 entries)

Giveaway Ends:  July 30, 2010 Midnight.

US and Canada residents only!

P.S. Just so you know . . . I received this product for free and could freely express my thoughts and opinions on the EcoKids Play Dough.  I was not paid for this post nor do I have to return the product.

P.S. #2 . . . Check out the EcoPass.  It will allow you to purchase a $99 annual membership, which provides for a 15% discount on every order, as well as free shipping with no $75 minimum requirement.

ecomom 023

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