Friday, July 23, 2010

Sourdough Bread Update

The reminder I set up on Outlook chimed at me this week. 


I thought to myself . . . has it already been 10 days

After ignoring the pestering pop-up naggings of my computer, I obeyed the reminder and fed my starter. 

I also made some bread. 

garden 006

I couldn’t disappoint Melanie and some of you left some great suggestions and encouragement.

However, there was one little problem that really wasn’t so much of a problem.  I had already packed my bread loaf pans in anticipation of next week’s move. 

The result was 2 round loaves. 

garden 005

My second attempt at making sourdough bread turned out better than the first.  The dough rose higher . . . maybe it helped that I did incorporate a little elbow action.  I also had to add about a cup of water because the sponge dough originally couldn't accommodate the 3 1/2 cups of wheat flour, which was the minimum suggested by Sue Gregg.  Perhaps this explains why our bread wasn’t so crumbly and dry during round two.  Lastly, I used butter instead of coconut oil 

garden 009

I’ll have you know that my recipe for homemade “No-tella” tastes delicious on this fermented creation.

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