Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Snikiddy Snacks: A Review and Giveaway

The granola boys like it when snack time is quick. 

Because often snack time isn’t quick. 

Granola Mom has to “whip” something up.  Even if it just means cutting up strawberries . . . and adding coconut flakes to it.  The Hottie often reminds me that my idea of “whipping” something up is slightly warped.  What I consider fast is not what the majority of Americans would consider fast.

Our House 009

When all I had to do was open the Snikiddy Snack bag that I was sent to review, the boys were delighted.  Though yummy, we needed about 10 more bags to feel full!

Our House 010

Yes, Snikiddy Snacks are a processed food.  On the positive side, they are a processed food that I could actually understand what ALL the ingredients were.  I don’t necessarily like all of the ingredients, but an occasional snarfing of them isn’t significant in the grand scheme of things.  (We typically avoid corn and soy due to the majority of both  products being genetically modified, which is a whole different blog post.) 

Our House 011

We sampled cheddar cheese (and LOVED this salty treat).  The other snack possibilities are varied . . .

You can order them directly from Snikiddy Snacks for $1.79 with a coupon (which is available on their website) and (drum roll please) free shipping!

You can find Snikiddy on Facebook  (and enter to win their cool sweepstakes) and  follow their founder on Twitter.

Our House 003

As a thank you for reading this post . . . the first person to leave a comment will receive a YUMMY free sample of Snikkidy Snacks, just like I did! 

Game on!

(NOTE:  I was given this fun product for free to review as part of my connection with MamaBzz.  I do not have to return anything nor was I paid for this post.  I would consider taking a free year’s supply of this snack . . . because I liked them.)

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