Saturday, July 10, 2010

Finally The Farmers Market

I adore going to the Farmers Market.  I’ve written about it before . . . on another blog. 

igloo 033

It’s true.  I don’t usually buy anything, much to the Hottie’s dismay (read this blog post to understand what I am referring to).  But people watching and rubbing elbows with local food sources is just . . . exciting to me. 

I like to talk garden-ese with people – talking like I actually know something when I really don’t.  I would surmise that square foot gardening in my backyard doesn’t really count towards being a master gardener.

Sadly our first trip to the market occurred JUST today.  People, it’s July!  It is unheard of for Granola Mom to have refrained from dragging the family to my favorite summer sport.

igloo 027

Bummed that the Hottie had to work this morning, I was determined to find something fun for the boys and I to do.  And the Farmers Market seemed like the perfect excursion.  At least I knew the granola boys would be happy if I bought them some Trader’s Point yogurt or other novel food. 

Today’s food purchases made up for all of the other times that I have been so overwhelmed with choices that I bought nothing.

Kettle Corn

igloo 034

Fresh Blackberries

igloo 037

Cherry Kombucha from Hidden Pond Farms

igloo 030(I was informed that I need to make our kombucha this way from now on!)

And . . . sauerkraut (because mine is still fermenting)

 igloo 029

A certain Mr. Smackdown requested sauerkraut.  I let him pick it out.  Giving him some ownership in the purchase means a greater chance that he will eat said sauerkraut.  Personally, I liked the  spicy dill but the vibrant color of the root kruat tantalized Mr. Smackdown's palate.

If you don’t want to go to the effort of making your own sauerkraut, let me recommend Hidden Pond Farm.  You can purchase their products online OR visit them at a Farmers Market OR go to a local store!

It was a good morning.  We missed the Hottie, but we managed to have a tiny bit of fun without him.

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