Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Do Your Homework and Win

When you don’t know how to do something . . . it’s pretty hard to do something right.

Like train a dog. 


My dog is different from a few days ago.

I went to Puppy Kindergarten.

She didn’t.

I got trained.  I was given the tools. 

I went to Puppy Kindergarten.

You can get the tools too.  (You don’t have to go to puppy kindergarten.)  Although I hear that all we need to know in life we learned in kindergarten.

It’s called the Bible.  But you can’t just look at it.  You’ve got to read it.  You’ve got to put it into practice.

Much like, I can just put the leash on Ruth and expect her to sit . . . . come . . . or even heel.  I have to work with her.  I have to do the homework. 

This applies to a lot of things in life. 

Like cooking.

Like fermenting. 

Insert commercial: Get Cultured:  How to Ferment Anything.  (By the way, two people mentioned that you signed up for the course . . . if you did . . . and it was through my blog or you aren’t sure . . . can you contact me . . . I’m groveling . . . . but I am trying to go to a silly (not really) little (not really) blogging conference . . . and my affiliate sales for the course are enabling me to do that.  I’d kind of like to get credit.

Just saying.  Just whining.

Drum roll . . . .

I would like to learn how to make more fermented foods - specifically kefir! My hubby might have Crohns and this would be good for us to learn!

This was supposed to be a short blog post.  But it wasn’t.  As usual.

Here is a picture to make up for all my words.


And that was one random post.  Must be because I used www.random.org to pick the winners. 

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