Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Word Wednesday: A Clear View of the Missing Teeth

We have several teeth missing in our household (dog included).


Here . . . allow me to draw you closer to the monumental action . . . really quite an amazing process.


Since were were . . . forced to know.  (Thanks impacted tooth.)


Moral of the story:  put your child in a cage so they can’t get hurt.  Well . . . then again, a boy could find some way to get hurt if put in a cage. 

So, moral of the story:  pray for the Lord’s protection over your children.

Precious boy. 


He has no idea what a big deal it is to loose your first tooth.  Have I mentioned how big his tooth was?  No wonder it didn’t come down on its own.

However . . . it was a pretty hard fall.

Moving on to other lost teeth . . .


And people who want to loose teeth . . .


Lastly, people who are growing teeth . . .


However . . . I will not open my puppy’s alligator-like mandible to take a picture of her teeth for you.

I am kind of hoping that all her teeth fall out at once. 

Wordless Wednesday at 5 Minutes 4 Mom

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