Tuesday, March 15, 2011

For Kristen: We Missed You and Took A Picture

Monday is a special day.

Anticipation fills our house.  Much of it is largely due to my darling boys . . . who love to entertain. 

When it is time to clean the basement . . . no grumbles are heard. 

Instead of fighting over toys, they are fighting over who gets to carry napkins to the basement. 

Their gift of hospitality can be overwhelming at times.

Above all though, they are so excited that “the girls” are coming over to study the Bible.  They think it is so neat that “the girls” are writing in their Bibles like Mommy and Daddy do.


(By the way, we have yet to finish a lesson in 40 minutes, unlike the name suggests.)

I’m excited too.  I heart Monday nights. 

I feel like I have inherited not just one daughter (Naomi) but sometimes 8 (depending on the night.)  In just four short months, I have grown to love these girls. 

They are so stinkin’ neat.  Neat, neat, neat.

So I’m blessed.  Blessed to be doing ministry with my family as we prepare and host and blessed to be partnering with Kristen (we missed you last night) and blessed to be a small part of such amazing young women who love the Lord.


We missed you, Kristen!

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