Saturday, March 12, 2011

Grain Free Meal Plan SALE!

Sometimes you have to do things in life that you never thought you would have to do. 

For example, this week we had to take Gabe to the oral maxillofacial doctor to have his impacted front tooth removed.  The pediatric dentist could not perform the outpatient surgery due to the depth that the tooth had plunged itself deep into his toddler face. 


I held my child as he slowly became somewhat catatonic. 

I had to willingly force my child to receive pain.

We did the right thing for him . . . but never did I imagine sitting across from my high school sweetheart singing “Jesus Loves Gabe,” before being asked to step out of the room while a stranger took a scalpel to my child’s gum line.


Though not nearly as brutal, I never thought that I might maneuver  my family through some looming health issues by radically changing their diet.

I mean, we already eat unusual.  Some people might deem our food choices weird.  Perhaps even smelly.

I considered the majority of our eating healthy.  Whole foods. 

But what I’ve come to realize in the last month is  that we can eat whole foods . . . we can do all the fermenting . . . we can consume all the stuff God intended for our bodies to eat BUT that doesn’t mean our bodies are going to cooperate . . . or function as intended. 

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I see a new era dawning . . . a new style of cooking emerging from my kitchen.

Grain free.  Potentially dairy free.  (Already I have been dairy free for 4 days.  I miss my milk.) 

I have to read the Gut and Psychology Syndrome book before I make my final decision.

The boys are still drinking raw milk and enjoying fermented dairy products, but not I or the Hottie. 


Eczema is the symptom on my little Naomi.  And milk could be the culprit.  Certain foods can irritate our immune systems . . . leading to things like eczema, little white bumps, anger, or a case of the itchies.

I am super duper excited BECAUSE now Cara’s Grain Free Menu plans feature dairy free options!  This makes my life so much easier!

To celebrate this development, Cara is offering a sale

For first time subscribers, use the coupon code SPRING to receive 50% off of your first month (valid until March 20th, 2011). 

To see what the grain free menu plans look like check out this sample . . . see if it might interest you. 

If you are new to your dietary changes . . . feeling overwhelmed  . . . and want to help heal your gut . . . Cara’s meal plans ROCK!  She follows the guidelines for the GAPS diet.

We heart her Coconut Pancakes, which I will share with you soon (along with a giveaway.)


But if you can’t wait . . . download a simple the Grain Free Meal plan or subscribe for a month (or more) at 50% off using the code SPRING.

And soon . . . I’ll be hosting a little Grain Free Meal Plan giveaway.

More Information About Grain Free Meal Plans
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