Thursday, March 3, 2011

Grapevine Studies for You and Your Littles

The only book that NEVER mentions God’s name in the Bible.

Yet, His fingerprints and provision are uniquely imprinted all over this story.


We almost named Naomi . . . . Esther. 

But we didn’t.  As you well know.

Beg EstherPreschool and Kindergarten Bible students will stick figure the book of Esther and learn about Queen Esther and the origins of Purim.  Your 5-7 year old Bible students will journey to the ancient Persian Empire, as King Ahasuerus chooses his a new queen.

Discover how God used Esther to defend the Jews from Haman's evil plans.  Teachers and students will learn how God protects His people and the origins of the holy days of Purim in an engaging way.  Stick figure the book of Esther today!

Great for preschool and kindergarten Bible students! 

Save 30% on all books and ebooks.  Learn more by visiting Grapevine Studies.

And if you wanted to study Esther at the same time . . . perhaps in greater detail . . . or you wanted extra credit points, I highly recommend Kay Arthur’s inductive Bible study,

Overcoming Fear and Discouragement:  Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther.

Or you could just stick figure along with your student using the Level 5 study of Esther ($6.25)over at Grapevine Studies. 

Me . . . I do my Bible reading with colored pencils in hand.  I think that is why my kiddos think that my Bible Study time is always so fun. 


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