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Draw In Your Bible: A Giveaway and My Story

I clearly remember the moment.

It was an incident in my childhood that for some random reason has been placed in the religious or vacation manila folder of my cranium's filing system.

In my search for finding some the motel stationery (which I still confiscate whenever I stay in a hotel) on a family vacation somewhere near Four Corners, I carelessly dropped the Gideon Bible on the floor.


I thought lightening might strike me at that moment. 

It didn’t. 


Through grade school and middle school I had a friend named, Zoe.  She was agnostic, if not an atheist.  So, I followed suit.  But I never told my mom that.

I knew it would hurt her feelings.  (Sorry Mom, but I think you know the ending to this story!)



My next memory of the Bible is a child’s Bible that sat on my closet shelf for years collecting dust quite effectively.  My memory may have changed the facts, but as I recall it was printed on paper similar to construction paper.  There were four or five sections, each one a different color. 


At the beginning of my junior year in high school, I closed my closet door, and using a shovel I unearthed it from that dusty shelf.  I sat on a child’s yellow chair . . . that my children now sit on, and read this Bible in secret with a flashlight.

I’m not sure why.  My parents wouldn’t have gotten mad at me. 

Maybe I was embarrassed. 

Embarrassed that somehow my peers would find out that I had no clue what Biblical allusion was . . . that when an author referred to a story from the Bible, I simply didn’t get it.

And for this future English major, current teen who loved to write . . . my ineptitude wouldn’t – couldn’t be tolerated.


Then, I met the Hottie. 

Have I every told you our story?  Remind me to sometime if I haven’t shared.

He had a sister. 

A frilly--Jesus-lovin’ --I’m so excited to share--and I want you to know about my Lord--sister

You see, she had gotten “saved” during her freshman year of college at Indiana University through Campus Crusade for Christ. 

She works for them now.

Fortunately, I’m glad I had no choice but to listen to her.  I wanted to go to college at Purdue . . . but the Hottie encouraged me just to “try” IU out . . . a free weekend with his Jesus lovin’ sister was ideal for this young man who wanted me to believe in the same Savior as him . . .

Shortly after my now SIL got saved, the Hottie had come to realize that God wasn’t just a far away figure . . . He wasn’t a genie in The Book . . . God wasn’t distant . . . He wasn’t just a ritual . . . God was real . . . He desperately wanted a relationship with me, and the Hottie understood that. 

So, I was stuck with the Hottie’s sister for a weekend (of which I am thankful for now).

Two days after my return . . . my mom took me to buy this:


At first, it intimidated me. 

The pages were white.  They had a lot of words on them.  And I didn’t want to disturb the Bible smell (ink) that I have come to love.  


I got over that. 

A Bible needs to be used.


Loved.  Even if it is by your dog. 






It is my hope and prayer that my kids will have Bibles even more colorful than mine.

For this reason, we have been Stick Figuring our way through the Bible.


I don’t want them to think that God will smite them should they drop the Word of God on the floor. 

Accidents happen. 


But let me tell you about our set up.  Don’t do it like me

Get the teacher’s manual and the student workbook.  It’s much easier


Not as time consuming. 

I’ve always wanted an excuse to buy these really cool black blank books at Barnes and Nobles. 

I also thought, I would save money.  Nope.  The student manual would have been easier.  Cheaper.


Anyhow, I have to write each lesson twice . . . . once in Asher’s little black book . . . once in Ezra’s little black book. 

Not good when you have elementary children waiting for you . . . wanting to get started after already waiting for you to make your morning latte.

And the little black blank notebooks aren’t forgiving.  They don’t give much room for human error.


I skipped some pages . . . and being slightly prone towards perfectionism, I bound the blank pages with a shamrock sticker.  Total waste of paper, though.

So . . . don’t be me.  Don’t be the cheap mom. Buy the student book . . . ebook or bound. 

This is my set-up:  coffee(optional), Bible (which you can’t see), paper sized dry-erase board, dry erase markers, Teacher’s manual.


We read the scripture for the day and then I walk them through the steps of drawing their stick figures.


While we draw . . . we’ve had some great conversations.  And it gives me time to share how God may have used that particular scripture in my life. 

Sweet moments.  Simple moments.  Just the Word of God.  Nothing fancy. 

You can read my full review here.  And my previous giveaway from this company here


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