Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Guidecraft Country Kitchen complimented with a Giveaway

I’m jealous of my daughter’s kitchen. 


She has gas burners. 


I used to.  But we moved.  No gas burners.  I’ll live.

But I still miss my old gas burners.

Her oven is also cleaner than mine . . .


And the rack even pulls out.  

Her kitchen resembles something out of Pottery Barn . . . it must be the bead board.


It even sounds like a gas oven . . . minus the real gas unless my sons are around. 


So, I’m thinking that once the boys and Naomi are too old to play with this kitchen, I’m going to be able to store it in our basement until the grandkids come along, should the Lord tarry.

The Guidecraft Country Kitchen has hinges . . .

Guidecraft 014

And a secret (not really) key to turn your kitchen into a Transformer . . . only 6 inches thick. 

Guidecraft 016 

It has the IKEA advantage of saving space.  (Not my house . . . I think Jolanthe’s but I pulled this picture from the Guidecraft website.)


This solid wood kitchen is like a bomb shelter.  It is solid.  Seriously solid. 

It was built to last.  (The price reflects it at a whooping $200 over at Guidecraft or  $188 plus free shipping on Amazon.) 

Guidecraft 003

However . . . this would be the kitchen  I personally would ask for next time (not that I am going to ask for one or need to ask for one now). 

I purchased a significantly cheaper wood play kitchen . . . and three years later much of the parts are missing. 

Our old kitchen is actually somewhat hazardous, to be honest.

That’s why I jumped at the chance to review the Guidecraft Country Kitchen . . . I knew that Miss Naomi was going to need one.  And basically anything Guidecraft . . . is solid. 


It’s compact.  Sturdy.  Wide enough to cook multiple dishes (which is a the habit of our real kitchen stove.) Cute.  And it comes in one other color

To celebrate Naomi’s launch into being trained up in righteousness (thanks to Guidecraft), Little Light Creative, who is also a homemaker in training, is offering one of my readers a custom print or a preprinted illustration.  Your choice! 

Guidecraft 012

I specifically wanted something something unique to Naomi . . .

Guidecraft 002

Naomi Torah . . . who means pleasant word . . .

Guidecraft 010

And Hannah, the woman behind Little Light Creative, knew how to give me what God had put on my heart. 

image(That’s Hannah . . . I actually know her!)

How does Hannah create?

I specialize in graphic design and will do custom work on my shop as well as freelance work. As of right now, I am not offering custom illustrations with the exception of the silhouettes. Most everything I do starts with a pencil, paper, and God's gracious gift of creativity! From paper I move into Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, where I digitalize my ideas. I love print work and am so very blessed to print on a high quality Epson printer.


But why does she create . . . this I love!

I have so many scripture design ideas, so God's Word definitely inspires me. The Proverbs 31 woman is such a beautiful example of biblical womanhood, her example is what inspired me to start a shop.

I’m hoping that Hannah creates a design with the Shema on it . . . hint, hint Hannah!

Want to win an amazing

11x14 print for your home (free shipping)?


Mandatory:  visit Little Light Creative and tell me what your favorite print is.

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Whatever you do . . . please spread the word about this giveaway.  I want to bless Hannah’s socks off!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Fine Print: I will email you when you have won. You must respond within 48 hours.

Contest ends April 13, 2011 at Midnight (not that I will be awake)

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