Saturday, March 12, 2011

Moolala: A Win Win Situation

I wasn’t going to post today . . .

My blog and I are at odds right now . . . it wants me to write, but I don’t want to write.

I don’t have writers block. 

It’s just that gardening season has begun.  I have worms, seeds and dirt on my brain.  (And my child had somewhat emergency surgery yesterday.)

But I have begun to really enjoy finding bargains.  Probably because I spent all of my money on seeds.  (And we just paid for a somewhat emergency surgery yesterday.)

Like the other day, I spent $2 on a Redbox deal but instead of just receiving coupons for 2 free movies . . . try 6.


And now, thanks to a bunch of my bloggy friends tweeting yesterday and today . . . I’ve discovered Moolala.   


It is a win win situation.

You get a potential deal – like the Target Dollar Bins or jeans at Goodwill for $4 that would cost $50 or a $20 Amazon card for $10 or a free dog (not really).

BUT you get ONE deal in your inbox a day . . . read it or delete it or buy it. 

Here is the beauty.

You sign up your friends.  (Well, they sign up because you encouraged them to.)  When they purchase the deal, you get paid.  Let’s say, your best friend then signs up someone and that person buys the same deal, you get paid and your best friend gets paid and that friend that you have only seen a picture of gets a sweet deal.

Yes, it is a lot like the pyramid scheme.  But it’s free. 

Moolala.  Sign up.  Yes, I just might get paid if you use my link.  But then if someone uses your link, then you will get paid.  Viral marketing baby.  I’m not ashamed of it. 

I simply like to earn a little bit of cash so that when I buy my husband a present, I can say that I paid for it.  (Even though our money is the same.)


Go to Moolala.  Then you can make some Moolala.

Today’s deal . . . which I am going to purchase . . . because I have YET (insert cough) to get Gabe’s First Year Baby book made. 


Purchase the Mixbook for $10 and get $50 worth of photo books, baby announcements, baby books and more.  

Perhaps this will be the push I needed.  His birthday . . . 3rd birthday is just around the corner.

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