Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Key to the Kingdom: A Review

image It’s official . . . a first . . . I just read a “vacation” book by a man. 

Normally the books I classify as “vacation fiction” are by females.  Said books probably fall under the category of Christian Historical Fiction. 

Not this one.

Fiction.  Disney.  Action.  Adventure.  Mystery.  Suspense.

I must admit that this is one book you can’t judge by its cover.  I like a good cover.  Something that I’m proud to have sitting beside my bed.

I certainly wasn’t embarrassed for the Hottie to glance over at my novel, but to be honest, I didn’t want to peek at my book pile. 

And considering that I am slightly anti-Disney . . . I was skeptical that I would totally enjoy this book.

I was PLEASANTLY surprised.  I deeply enjoyed going on a scavenger hunt through Disney World without paying the ludicrous price of a ticket . . . umm . . . six tickets. 

To be honest, the book kind of made me want to forget my Disney boycott and take my kids on a lavish Kingdom tour. 

The Key to the Kingdom ($12.47 on Amazon), by Jeff Dixon, is about pastor Grayson Hawkes.  On his quest to become a better storyteller in order to engage his parishioners with the greatest story of all, the Bible, Hawk finds himself as the lead character in a story that could only occur in the magical kingdom. 

Hawk  had no idea that his friendship with Farren Rales, friend to Walk Disney himself, would change his life. 

Great “vacation read.”  An even better story if you are a Disney fan!

Want to know more?  Find The Key to the Kingdom on Facebook, Twitter, or the Kingdom website.  You might need a key to get into the sites, though.

Just kiddin’.

This is a Mama Buzz review. The product was provided by Bring it on Communications in partnership with Deep River Books for this review."

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