Sunday, August 21, 2011

Announcing another chance to pray . . .


You can pray once and be done.  Like asking Jesus into your heart. 

Once and it is a done deal.  A changed life.

And there are prayers where you can be persistent.  Like when it involves your children. 

Announcing such a time as to be a nag.  A nag at the feet of a loving Savior who simply likes to spend time with you.

Who:  You and some other moms, grandmas, husbands . . . people who have invested in a son.

What:  21 Days of Prayer for Sons

When:  September 6-21, 2011

Where:  your quiet times . . . on your knees . . . or flat on your face

Why:  You love your sons . . . you want them to be sold out for Jesus, and you need the help and the accountability this challenge provides

To learn more about the 21 Days of Prayer for Sons, check out the original blog post, where you can order your book.  Or check out the Facebook page . . . chime in on Twitter

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