Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dress Up Day at Work

This is a picture of the Engineer’s biking buddy and coworker – Jeff. 

bw jeff

He likes headbands.  The one he is sporting looks far more comfortable than the thin ones I place on Naomi’s noggin.

Quite often I wake up only to find Jeff’s car sitting under my bedroom window.  For weeks, I have been contemplating “soaping” it or attaching bells to the axle.  It just sits there all day . . . begging for a prank to be pulled on it. 

Darn . . . I let out my secret. 

However, the Engineer has informed me that such an act wouldn't be appropriate.

I think that Jeff would have a good sense of humor about it.  Ummm . . . hopefully.

Thankfully for him, I don’t have enough time in my day to heed his car except when I pull out of the garage. 

I have heard that he has been wanting to “make the blog.”  I feel honored. 


However, he hasn’t done anything remarkable (besides rearranging song lyrics to fit his needs) until today.   Most recently, Jeff and co-worker Aaron (aptly named "Willie Mac and the D&L's ") have been working on an album titled View from the Crest. 

But Jeff got distracted today from his day job and the job that pays the bills.

You see, in Indianapolis this very moment is a thing called Gen Con Indianapolis.

I’ve never been . . . but it is hard to miss when this conference cloaks Indianapolis with those seeking fantasy and an early Halloween. 

Jeff is a big fan.  I think his costume is lacking, though.  Wouldn’t you agree?


Anyway, this is Jeff.  Today is his big day.  He made “the blog.” 

This picture makes me wonder, though, do they really do engineering up in that high-rise?  Or do they just stare out their office window making up stories?


Who’s next?

By the way, this blog post is a total prank.  It is devoted to those at the Engineer’s office who bring a smile to my husband’s face and an interesting story to share at the dinner table. 

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