Friday, August 12, 2011

Her First Tea

Her first tea.  I mean her first outfit from Tea Collection, a fun place to purchase children’s clothes.


I must admit that I probably had a bit too much fun with this review.

I was given $100 to spend in girl’s clothing, boy’s clothing, or baby clothes

It was a tough choice.  I was swept up by their Fall 2011 collection fashioned after Modern Mexico.  It inspired me to purchase the Putumayo Latin Playground CD.  Rather dramatic, but true



Naomi loves music . . . and I love Latin sounds.  It seemed perfect for . . . a fashion show.

It didn’t disappoint.

Nor did the clothes.



I probably should have focused on the boys clothes . . . because Tea Collection has great outfitting capabilities and themed ideas with their newest collection.  Don't get me wrong, the boy’s clothing was cute.  But I’ve been buying or “borrowing” boys clothes for 7 years now.

A new girl’s outfit . . . now that was fun to order! 

I just  looked on Tea Collection website . . . and they have an even better selection of baby clothes now!  (So hurry over there if you need to shop for clothes and want something unique and full of quality!)

I’m happy with our clothes, though.  Precious legs poked out of the Songbird Romper. . . which I failed to take a picture of them doing so.



And the poke-a-dot suit . . . so delicate . . . perfect for this crawling baby girl!



Or the Courtyard Tile Dress . . . which Naomi can wear as a shirt in a few years with some leggings or jeans.



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This is a MamaBuzz Media review. The product was provided by Tea Collection for this review.  I was not paid for my post.  And I thoroughly LOVED these clothes and would easily purchase from Tea Collection again!  Seriously.

By the way . . . they laundered nicely. 

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