Monday, August 1, 2011

How Will We Learn in 2011-2012?

I fully realize that no one is going to force me to become organized.  However, this Fall I am not moving nor am I having a baby. 

So the way I see it . . . our school year should start much more smoothly this year. 

However, it might help to have a plan.

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My plan is to complete this post . . . and fill in my editable and reusable Homeschool Planner.  I’m a wee bit concerned that this may take a few late nights to complete.  Or some coffee.  Or a spreadsheet. 

Or a miracle.  A gifting of the Holy Spirit.  An anointing of “catching, casting, and implementing” the big picture from God to me.




Asher is stuck in limbo land for what I hope to only be this Fall.  With Naomi’s arrival last fall, we found ourselves taking random breaks depending on how much sleep the teacher received the previous night. 

But here is the current lineup: of curriculum (subject to change)

  • Bible: wrapping up the Grapevine Studies Stick Figure Bible Old Testament Review along with Ezra, completing the Timeline of the Old Testament (which is only $3.95 BTW), and delving into Joseph (which was just released this week) and I’ll be posting about!.
  • Math:  Saxon Phonics 1 . . . I don’t know what I am going to do when we finish; we are half-way through.  This program takes way to long to complete in a single sitting  especially when I am also using Saxon Phonics 1 and I have two other students waiting for instruction.  I need something quicker but still just as thorough and foundational. 
  • Phonics:  Saxon Phonics 1 . . . but I am planning on introducing All About Spelling.  And I think that I can then just use All About Spelling?  Skip using another phonics program, right?  I also am getting Wordly Wise 3000 from
    Trade Books for Free - PaperBack Swap.
  • Handwriting:  A Reason for Writing . . . Asher *hearts* his handwriting.  At the end of the week, he sends off his Bible verse to someone special.  



Joint Learning (meaning all the kiddos) . . . obviously we don’t do all of this EVERY DAY . . . yikes.

  • Science:  Answers in Genesis Weather . . . that’s not its real name . . . Amazon doesn’t have it listed.  To be honest, I would RATHER be using Apologia for all of our Science.  AIG is nice in that the portion the kids and I read is short . . . but we get far better discussion with the Apologia curriculum we have used.  I have the whole set of Answers in Genesis Universe and Earth series . . . so looks like we are stuck doing this for a few years.  Bummer.
  • Art:  I Can Do All Things by Barry Stubbing . . . and I might do Baby Lambs with Gabe.
  • Health:  Apologia Anatomy and Physiology with spiral journal.  I have learned so much! 
  • Read AloudsThe Chronicles of Narnia, Charlotte’s Web, and The Little House on the Prairie
  • Character:  Plants Grown Up by Doorposts
  • Geography:  Expedition Earth and potentially Road Trip USA
  • Gym: I don’t normally have a set time to “be active” as we are a naturally active family . . . however, I did order the book The Ultimate Homeschool Physical Education Game Book from PaperBackSwap.  We also bike, take walks, hike, and play Wii.
  • History: Hideaways in History by Winter Promise
  • World Magazine (for kids)
  • And I wish . . . Rosetta Stone Spanish . . . a dream . . .




Ezra will be entering Kindergarten with full force.




Gabe . . . Gabe . . . Gabe . . . (notice my commentary gets less and less . . . that is because curriculum for the younger ages is so easy to pick . . . at least I think.)



Naomi . . . her school is to observe life and maybe have some Tot Trays!  Of course . . . play with silk scarves! And listen in to some FIAR stories!



Phew!  Now I just have to come up with a schedule!

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