Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Courageous: A Review

Most of the time a story is better as a book than a movie.  However, I am wondering if there is an exception.

This was a movie turned book

I can understand why.  The movie has the potential to impact father’s (in particular) all over America.  For this reason, you will find the bookstores flooded with a Bible study based off of the fiction story, a leader’s kit, plaques, devotions, and wall-hangings. 

It’s big. 

But it is a busy book with a lot of characters.  And an action camera can capture all the commotion . . . drama . . . and characters better than the book in my hands. 

I struggled to keep the various police officers straight, not to mention their wives, girlfriends, children, and friends. 

The book has a great idea.  Fathers returning to their families.  Leading.  Investing in people.  Putting God and the Word of God first . . . and finding that by doing so all other priorities and blessings fall into line. 

To adequately do this in a book format that would create depth in the characters and allow for the turning of the rudders of stubborn hearts . . . the book would need to be in small print with as many pages as The Counte of Monte Cristo or Gone With the Wind (can you tell what I have read recently?)

Courageous, by Randy Alcorn and Alex and Stephen Kendrix, wasn’t intended to be a classic.  It was based off of a movie that provides meaning entertainment. 

This it does.  I just think the movie might be better than the book.

Thanks Tyndale.  As always, I enjoy reading your books and blogging about them for free. 

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