Friday, August 19, 2011

Writing Prompt: New


Giddy with excitement as I re-enter my former life.  Writing.  Dreaming.  Creating.

I once thought that my life would be filled with words.  Words needing a dictionary.  People needing a dictionary around me.

Because heady words mean a smart person.  Right?

But instead I find that my grammar is rather simplified.  I teach beginning English.


New is taking beginning English and with it painting a vision for my sons.  Turn your blanket into a tent.  Take a silk and become a superhero. 

What are you baking?  French silk pie?  Apple crisp?  Oh, a three egg cheese omelet.  Your mommy is raising you healthy.


A new book.  The one I want to right with my simple words.  A book about our new dog.  To do this I must write a new email to a new friend.

And this might lead to a new adventure for our family’s big new adventure.

I simply can’t wait.

New is fun.  New is new.  Like a blank page.  Like an unopened fresh book.

An Amazon package sitting on my doorstep.

The first time I wrote for 5 minutes without a plan.  That was new to me.


If you are wondering what just happened on my blog post – it’s called 5 Minute Friday

I was given a writing prompt: New. 

And 5 minutes to write about ANYTHING that came to mind in that 5-minutes.

Forgetting about who would read this and how my grammar found itself to the page.  Simple writing. 

Because it’s good for you.  And it’s rather healing to my brain as writing/literature was my college major.

Thanks for reading.

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