Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Granola Mom is Going on an Airplane . . .

In minus 65 days and counting (depending on when you read this blog post) I will be getting on an airplane with two precious friends.

I will be leaving my nursing daughter for the first time overnight.  I will be bringing my milk with me.  Sigh.  And taking my milk home with me.  Hmmmm . . .

I am going to Relevant . . . in large part . . . because I have experienced the Lord's blessing and the Engineer's encouragement.

The reason I want to go . . . not because it will make me a better blogger.  That would be nice.

Not because it will be a lot of fun . . . a good Fall Break . . . though a certain perk.

I'm going because of all the writings that spilled forth like a cup overflowing last year . . . women drew closer to their Lord.

And I want that.  I want to draw closer to my Savior.

So . . . with His help . . . He has allowed me to raise enough money to go. 

The Lord is my provider

Jehova Jireh.

So . . . Hi.

I'm Jodi and you have landed at the blog the Lord has made me a steward of.  What is this blog?  A bit of everything.  Lately, I have been endorsing it as a mom blog with an organic twist. 

Throw in a few giveaways and reviews too.

You can read more about me here.

But if you do that you won't find out that . . .
  • I want a hammock in my backyard. 
  • Sometimes . . . I find myself saying "aught" to my children when it is really a command for my dog.
  • And occasionally instead of calling my daughter her given name, Naomi, I call her my dog's name, Ruth.
  • I use LiveWriter to craft my blog posts . . . but today I am using Blogger.  I'm at my MIL's house.  For this reason, you don't have any pictures.  They are on my computer at home.
  • Here is a fact no one knows, my dog is on my MIL's couch.  Shh!  Don't tell.  (Sorry MIL --  gotta love me!)
  • I typically have 6+ books that I am reading at a time.
  • I sometimes go more than 36 hours without a shower.  But I don't stink because I use Young Living deodorant.  (Let me know if you want some.)  I am convicted of my laziness though.  Thanks Steph!
  • Though I am sold out for organic and raw milk . . . I am hopelessly a fan of Starbucks drive thru, though I would prefer a local establishment with a barista.
  • I'd like to say that I will catch up on sleep while at Relevant . . . but I doubt that will happen.
  • I'd love to lose 20 pounds.  Lord give me strength. 
  • We start school in less than a week . . . I am totally unorganized. 
  • My husband IS the funniest man alive.  Really.  :)
  • I have a gigantic list of blog post ideas floating around in my head and on random scraps of paper around the house. 
  • I keep saying I won't do another review and giveaway (beyond my favorite companies) . . . but then I find myself doing one. 
  • I would like to bring my espresso machine to Relevant.  The Engineer told me no.  He is right.
  • I make up stories about people in my spare time . . . mostly on date nights. 
  • I detest chain restaurants.
  • I actually miss living in India.
  • I long for my children to be passionate about the Word . . . and doing what Jesus has impressed upon their hearts.
But who am I?  Someone the Lord has changed.  And is still changing.  I'm honest and sometimes a bit too blunt.  I practice sarcasm, but I am thankful at heart. 

I love to hold my husband's hand . . . as it reminds me how he ushered me into the Lord's throne room when I was a teenager. 

I'm a mom of 5, one being with the Lord.  A dog owner.  A homeschooler who socializes her children.  A homebirther . . . babywearing . . . slightly extended nursing mom. 

We eat weird things that are called living foods. 

I like being different.  But I also like blending in.

And I am looking forward to meeting you. . . . and moving you to my IRL category. 

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