Monday, August 1, 2011

The Simple Woman’s Daybook


FOR TODAY (tonight):

Outside my window... bugs are singing.  Loudly. It’s rather dark.  I would imagine some crickets and roaches are roaming my garage.  Gross but true.

I am thinking... that first I am VERY thirsty.  I wish I wasn’t so lazy.  All I need to do is get up and get a glass of filtered water.  I just looked up.  Dugh.  I have a pitcher of water beside my computer.  It has been there all night.  {Sigh.)  It’s not easy being me.

Maybe tonight is the night.  Just maybe Naomi might sleep through the night.  Maybe.  (Nope . . . she just woke up.)

Naomi is so close to sitting up on her own.  So close.


I am thankful for...  all of the clothes that have been given to me from my sister, Casey, Sarah, and Beckie.  I almost cried as I sorted through them tonight.  Don’t ask me why.  The dresses were the tearjerkers. 

I am especially thankful for the Lord’s intervention in keeping me from traveling 4 hours up to Chicago for the ApologiaLive luncheon that I thought was this weekend but is in fact . . . next weekend.

And kuddos to the Lord for giving me firm feet when I rashly climbed a ladder to pick these beauties . . . all in an attempt to impress my sons.


From the learning rooms...  swimming lessons.  Self control.  Whispering.  Not hitting. 

From the kitchen...  Struggling.  I really need/want to do the GAPS Intro to prove to the world that it works.  But each Monday that I vow to start . . . my morning organic mocha or chai beckons my  name.  They go so nicely with my Bible study. 

I am creating . . . . organization.  It feels good.  But it is slightly time consuming.  My projects this weekend have been sorting clothes and creating filters in my gmail account(s).

I am going . . . . to go go to bed soon.  But I just get so much done when the house is quite and all are sleeping!!!!!!

I am reading . . .   Organized Simplicity and need to set the date for my garage sale . . .


and Money Secrets of the Amish . . . which is SURPRISINGLY good and funny!  Giveaway soon!


and of course . . . my Bible along with my study on Matthew with Simply Sarah and Bold Turquoise.

I am hoping . . . . to de-clutter, organize the schoolroom, use my planner from Jolanthe, and prepare for a baby shower.

I am hearing... the air conditioner and Ruth snoring.


Around the house...  people are sleeping.  (It seems like I never change this line.)

One of my favorite things... I must admit it.  My husband.  And homemade ice cream.  And raw milk.  And Gabe’s curls.  And notes from Asher.  And snuggling with Ezra of a morning.  And Naomi’s jabbering . . . even at 2 am.



A few plans for the rest of the week . . . vacuuming, folding clothes, making a new batch of kombucha and water kefir soda, blogging about counter-top yogurt, our curriculum plans,  and making baby food. . . in addition to keeping on top of email.  Oh . . . filling out our AWANA forms.


Here is picture for thought I am sharing . . . . this is the toenail polish that my sons picked out for me.  It matches the Engineer’s running shirt. 


Here is a closer look . . . no toe-jam!  (I use SunCoat Nail Polish, by the way.)



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