Monday, August 22, 2011

My Students

We celebrated.  I’m sure we will continue to celebrate.

We went to the fair.


It serves as the white flag of surrender to the beginning of our school year. 


And the end of a small part of childhood.  Two have graduated from . . . the tractors.


They may not be able to ride tractors . . . but they can dream big.


Tonight it was ice cream and Little House on the Prairie.

I’m sure I’ll find some other excuse to do something fun this week. 

Before I have to be diligent.  Disciplined.  Mature. 

Next Monday.

The students are ready.  The school room is almost clean and organized.  Welcoming.  Beckoning us to visit and stay awhile. 

I want to be in there this year. 

So do they.

Let me announce our roll call!

  • God.  Because of who He is and what He has called us to do . . . to be . . . to teach our children.  God is who I call upon first for our future school days.
  • Asher . . . who will be finishing first grade and entering second grade some time this fall . . .


  • Ezra . . . my kindergartener.


  • Gabe . . . my Tot School and preschool scholar.


  • Naomi . . . Tot School launch-ee (is that a word?) and professional observer.


  • Ruth . . . guard dog.  She’s sleeping right now.  However, we will work on correctly using a remote training collar. 

Overseeing this dance of learning . . . the Engineer . . . our principal. 

He and I are tight.  In love you might say.

Quite possibly the best principal I have ever worked for. 


Not Back to School Blog Hop

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