Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Unofficial Stink Test

As a lactating mom . . . I have a tendency to stink.


Always have. 

When I am nursing, that is.

(OK . . . I admit it.  Most of my life.)

It’s tolerable.  Like the smell of large breed dog breath.


It is something I like to control.  Mask. 

Actually eradicate. 

Or manage ever 24 hours.

I once thought I found the solution.  But it didn’t work.  (I was given it for free . . . so not surprising.)

But I pay for what I am swiping on my underarms these days.

After three months of daily usage we have a winner.  I am so relieved.

As is Naomi.


24 hours folks.  . . from application to application.

Or shower (whichever comes first). 

My secret (not to be confused with the deodorant) is Young Living AromaGuard (ohhhh) Meadow Mist. 


I am pretty sure Mountain Mint will work equally well.  I will say, though, that I like the smell of Meadow Mist better.  I think Mountain Mint smells like Thieves.  And even though I use Thieves almost daily, I don’t like the smell of Thieves. 

Unlike some of my friends.

Anyway, I just opened Mountain Mint yesterday.  I still don’t stink.

My windows are open, though. 

Let me know if you want some.  Just visit my store.

(Yes, this is an advertisement.  But I’m not lying.  I use these deodorants.  I just happened to blog about it to save you the embarrassment.   I don’t know . . . this is probably something I would go have my mom buy for me in the store . . .  buying deodorant in public is like buying underwear in public.  I don’t do it.)

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