Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Libation Anyone?

I think that the word libation is fun to say.

I learned about it several years ago when I went on vacation with my boyfriend (now husband).  The priest we were staying with offered us a libation.

My jaw dropped.  I had no idea what the word meant but it sure didn’t sound illegal.

A libation is a drink, often one of the alcohol nature.  However, it can and does refer to a beverage often for ceremonial purposes. 

We don’t have ceremonies every time someone raises a glass to their mouth in our house, but in many ways I am purposeful about what beverages I and my family consume. 

The first one I’m going to tell you about is a recent addition.  I only drink it when I am pregnant. 

butterfly 023

It can be obtained at a health food store.  I order it in bulk from Frontier.

butterfly 022

Red raspberry leaf tea.  I don’t like it hot.  It has to be over ice.

butterfly 028

Why red raspberry leaf tea?  This herb is high in calcium, iron, and Vitamin B.  It also has properties in it that contribute to strengthening that muscle which will eventually guide your baby into the new world (you know—your uterus).  A strong uterus leads to a productive birth. 

It is also reported that red raspberry leaf aids in afterbirth – healing, restoring your “parts,” and the production of some yummy mommy milk.

(Are you squirming yet, Jason?)

Drink up ladies!

butterfly 027

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