Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Simple Woman’s Daybook

I have seen this post around a few places, most recently over at my friend Sarah’s blog.  And I like how somewhat old fashioned and reflective it is.  image

As my belly gets bigger, I find that I turn both task oriented and reflective . . . if it is possible for the two to merge.

 april 028 (OK, I admit that isn’t a recent belly picture.)


Outside my window... it appears darker than normal.  Typically, the sky is blue by 6:23 AM.  However, I heard raindrops falling on the chimney.  Bits of light are peaking through the blinds.  I desperately want to get up and open the blinds to gaze out upon the backyard during my soon-to-occur quiet time . . . but the dog is snuggled up next to me (sorry Brian—the rain scared her) and it takes a crane to move this body these days.

I am thinking... that the laptop runs much hotter in the summer and it is burning my thighs.  I am still hungry. 

I am thankful for... our plans working yesterday.  With my mother-in-law’s help we had a good dinner at a local eatery and the boys all played nicely . . . even bringing laughs to us as we watched them immerse themselves into their imaginations.  I also, after much planning, was able to purchase a laminator and a swimsuit.  I am thankful for the splurge of having my chai be made with the cream-line this morning.

From the learning rooms... we are studying the Letter Y and I am persevering in my preparation for the upcoming school year.

From the kitchen... I hope to make bugler salad today after being reminded of how much I like it at this past Sunday’s church picnic.  Kefir soda is being slowed down in its fermentation in the fridge and sauerkraut is begging me to peak at it in the pantry.

I am wearing... my favorite fish PJ’s, yesterday’s Costco tank top, and Renee’s black velour hoodie.  I match real well.   

I am creating... a photobook for Honey’s birthday in my head but have yet to organize it on Snapfish.  I also have  a sling and a wrap hovering over my sewing machine.

I am a friend’s house today. 

I am reading... Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering by Sarah Buckley as part of my training and preparation for Sweet Pea’s birth.


and The Sunny Side by A. A. Milne for book club. 

I am hoping... to exercise today, facilitate school, find a babysitter for our anniversary, and enjoy my children.

I am hearing... a little boy’s heaving breathing (over the monitor) as he wakes up, my dog snoring,  and thunder.

Around the house... things are clean and in order – we clean and we wait for the perfect family to buy our house. 

One of my favorite things... this quietness of a morning, and the utter amazement that I am a woman not supposed to have any children, yet now I have three boys sleeping under one roof  and a little girl on the way. 

A few plans for the rest of the week:  print Honey’s Letter B curriculum, alert my Facebook friends (that live locally) to the fact that we need 70 one-gallon milk/juice containers for our history project, and plant the last two garden squares.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing

Outdoor fun 160

To see what other women’s daybooks look like head on over to The Simple Woman’s Daybook. 

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