Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tot School

Honey will soon be wrapping up his Tot School career. 


I might cry.  No.  I have two more grade levels coming through the ranks with Smiley and Sweet Pea.  The trays will still appear in our household next year.

Like usual, the pictures and descriptions will be a little bit random.  I am going through my Picassa web album looking for pictures for Honey’s birthday photo album and throwing the Tot School pictures into this blog post.

We studied the Letter T for tractor . . .

Last days of may 007

Honey learned about the Letter U . . .

LaMiEmilie 008

He stood too close to a fire and burned his hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes . . .

Last days of may 040


Memorial Day Weekend

Honey saw some buddies that moved away . . .

Outdoor fun 002

Attempted to climb the climbing wall at church . . .

Outdoor fun 020

Outdoor fun 036

Worked together with Mr. Smackdown to drain the kiddy pool into the rain garden by creating a siphon . . .

Outdoor fun 144

Outdoor fun 163

  Outdoor fun 129

  And that’s all for now . . . I have taken way too many pictures.  Yikes.

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