Tuesday, June 1, 2010

This is just wrong . . . I think

I was passing by a cemetery today and saw a rather disturbing sign. 

Outdoor fun 126

What you can’t see is the previous sign that said,

“Buy one . . . “

Seriously?  Buy one cemetery plot, get one free?  Is this the Wal-Mart version of funeral arrangements?  I can imagine a proudly frugal husband returning home after taking advantage of this bargain.  What would he say?

“Hey, if I die, I want you to die with me.”


“I went to the cemetery and was going to buy just one plot to save money.  I thought we could share it.  But then I found out they were having  a BOGO so now we each get our own!”

The BOGO cemetery plot is great news for us married folks but what about single people?  I might check Craig’s List to see if there are any postings where someone is looking to share the cost of the BOGO plot.

Umm . . . most of this was written by the Hottie Hubby.  Just so you know.

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