Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Thai Chicken

The best meal ever.  (As if anyone could know that.)

THai 021


I think this was by far the best meal I have ever made for my family.  At least for the Hubby and I.


We had Thai Chicken, grilled asparagus, water kefir soda, and peaches wiimageth yogurt and carob chips last night. 

I bought the Frontier Thai Seasoning a few weeks back . . . just because.  And a “just because” moment presented itself last night.  I wanted a comfort food and coconut milk fulfills that need in me.  (By the way, if you don’t belong to a co-op, you can find Frontier Seasonings at Whole Foods or other granola-type stores.)

Top all that off with little boys who set the table (as part of their training),

THai 018

(making sure to include the dessert spoon and bowl up at the top of each setting . . . )

THai 019 

cut flowers for the centerpiece (to practice doing this for their future wife),

THai 017

THai 013 

and a family walk.  Priceless.

To make, check out this link . . . the only thing I changed about the recipe was the fact that I added red potatoes and chicken. 

THai 008

If you want to encourage your children to at least TRY the meal (any meal for that matter), have your child help. A four or five year old can easily peel the carrots.  And a younger child can stir the coconut milk and spices together.

THai 010 


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