Monday, June 7, 2010

Two Wheels

Remember the little boy who just got a Strider Bike?

Remember what the Strider Bike is supposed to accomplish? (balance)

It worked.

Yesterday, Honey rode his borrowed bike for the first time . . . on two wheels, as he would say.

He learned how to pump his bike tires.

Honey biking 008 

He received some professional cyclist advice.

Honey biking 009

And he took off.  Only a tiny push was needed  because he was used to starting from the practice he received from riding his Strider.

Honey biking 026

Big Brother gave his some pointers from his month long knowledge of mastering the art of riding on two wheels.

Honey biking 029

And Honey was off again.  He didn’t want to stop that bike from moving.

Once again, poor Mussie was left behind.  All her boys are growing up.

Honey biking 042

Since a new granola boy graduated into a big boy bike, the littlest boy of the household is now the proud owner of a Strider Bike.

Honey biking 039

Smiley won’t ever know what training wheels even are . . .

May life 039

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