Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Sauerkraut Revisited

I’m slightly addicted to fermenting. 

Hideaways in History 029 (I think this stomper is so cool.  Old fashioned.)

When we move, Lord willing, at the end of the month, we will need a U-Haul for my fermenting jars alone. 

Hideaways in History 037

Have I mentioned before that we will currently be homeless?  I am 100% sure that God has the perfect location for us.  We just haven’t found it yet. I hope it has a swing set. 

And some countertops.  For fermenting.

Hideaways in History 038

We will have sauerkraut to eat, though!  (You can thank me for that later, Hottie!  At least you won’t die of scurvy!)

Hideaways in History 031

But that is besides the point.  Instead of worrying about where my baby is born, I am investing my concerns into creating bacteria.

It is too much fun.

Hideaways in History 036

I think Smiley thinks this is a little weird, though.  Sauerkraut makes his brothers get along! 

Hideaways in History 035

I bought a new book with my birthday money . . . and I have a whole new world of fermenting possibilities. 


I think I might blog my way through this book.  So instead of the movie Julie and Julia, it will be Jodi and Sandor.  Beautiful.

Hideaways in History 039

I’ll let you know how it tastes, in a few weeks, from the back of my U-Haul.  That would be a picture.  

If you forgot about the last time I made sauerkraut . . . let me refresh your memory.

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