Thursday, June 17, 2010

FYI – New Seeds Worship Album

Just so you know . . . here is a little heads up.

For those of you parents (and you don’t really even need to be a parent to enjoy ANY worship CD from this group) who enjoy listening to Seeds Family Worship with their kids . . .

a new album is coming out . . . in November . . .

And now you know.

You can become a part of the excitement. 

New to my blog and you don’t know what Seeds is?

Each Seeds CD focuses on a specific topic (courage, faith, praise, purpose, and encouragement), using scripture to encourage families to understand what the Bible says about each. This album will focus on scriptures that highlight the character of Christ--encouraging families to focus on developing the character we see exemplified through Christ in scripture. This is better than any man-made definition of good character.

I also wrote a blog post about it.

Yet another reason you might want to start accumulating your Seeds Worship albums . . . Totally Tots is going to start using them for our In My Heart series. 

Why am I letting you know?  By supporting this ministry, you

will help raise the funds needed to record and manufacture this album by inviting you to buy the CDs in advance and enjoy the process of creating with us. As always, the CD will include our signature buy one/give one packaging--providing you two identical CDs with every purchase.

Enjoy!  Tell them Granola Mom sent you!

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