Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Spider Man Says . . .

Because this is in our yard:

Last days of may 016

Sometimes we have to leave our house rather quickly. 

It is a bit of a challenge.

(And no, if you buy our house you won’t experience miracles.  It just means that our realtor donates a portion of his commission to a local children’s hospital.)

My MIL and I had the kiddos burn some energy at a playground to kill some time before dinner . . . timing it just right so that the Hottie Hubby would arrive on his bike sweaty and hungry for dinner at a local restaurant. 

During that short span of time, Mr. Smiley had his first big boy fall.

sign language 010

He bonked his forehead and scraped his nose. 

And while were eating our calzones amongst cars driving across the table, Honey wondered why Spider Man was signing, “I love you.”

sign language 017

Without TV, the imagination can come up with some pretty amazing things.

sign language 018

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